Feeling Good Tibicos

Minn Chan – Tibicos Kefir maker

Doctor Chan’s Feeling Good Ferments was born in the hearts of two people who want to co-create a positive future through communities, inside and out. To us, this means taking care of ourselves and our loved ones in the most potent and natural way possible. Experiencing a healthier self is part of what brings happiness to our reality and the world at large. A small act like sipping on Feeling Good Tibicos creates a ripple effect that washes over those we come into contact with every day.Doctor Chan’s Feeling Good Ferments is an example of much needed magic in these testing times, when our health lies at unprecedented lows.  Ancient Alchemy Made Modern!

Yes, the start of Doctor Chan’s Feeling Good Ferments is also the tale of a newly wed couple who have been passionate about living in higher states of health for more than half their lives. After five years of leaving their footprints across the planet, researching healthy solutions to our toxic world, Niel and Miin found themselves on a long dusty road, crossing the mighty Nullarbor.

Nina Simone’s famous ‘Feeling Good’ played as the couple sang merrily along, while sipping on a home brewed batch of Tibicos.

“That would be the perfect name for this drink. Because every sip makes me feel good,” Dr. Chan said.

“Yes. I’m definitely feeling good right now!”

Later, they discovered that “Ke-fir”, which is also a term used for the general genus of Tibicos, Japanese Water Crystals, or Tibetan Snow Lotus, is literally Turkish for “Feeling Good”!Fast forward through a few trials, brews and tastes to what you see now- history aiding our ailing health in modern times.