The Fermentary

"We are fiercely committed to using TIME as our key ingredient.  There are no starter cultures nor whey; just the ancient art of freshly pulled, simple ingredients. We rely on fermentation itself.  Our ferments are simple, honest and a true slow food, capturing the flavours of that particular batch of vegetables and the time they were pulled from the earth."

Through a personal journey Sharon Flynn started her business in 2012. After a couple of years struggling to keep up with demand, yet still passionate about the power of fermented foods and reviving  wild fermentation techniques, she tricked Roger Fowler  into joining forces with her in 2014. With his expertise with food, he has to single handedly chopped pallets of cabbage and so enabling The Fermentary to produce enough of their ferments to feed guts all around Australia (almost) wining awards along the way and generally keeping their lives very busy. And now they are a couple.