Since the dawn of time humans from different cultures across the globe have sought to savour the best food and drink on offer. As curious social omnivores with strong story-telling traditions we have learnt to harness the power of the microbial world to make the things we eat and drink not only more nutritious, but better tasting, through fermentation.

The ability to wrangle these smallest forms of life has elevated the practitioners of fermenting craft to the headiest levels of culinary acclaim. It is nothing short of pure alchemy, to witness dough become bread, grape juice become wine, and milk become cheese. Microbial miracles.

And while in the past the tricks of the fermentation trades have been close-kept guild or family secrets, today, facing the very real threat of extinction at the hands of food industrialisation, it is time to uncover and share these most vital of human nourishments.

#WildFerment2016 celebrates all things wild fermented.

This will be a gathering of people with an interest in fermentation, be it professional or merely fascinated curiosity.  We invite you to come, take part and contribute in a spirit of sharing, learning and collaboration.

We acknowledge the importance of traditional wild fermenting skills and passing these on as a vital part of our culinary inheritance.

In a food landscape dominated by corporate factory farming, industrial processing, food technology and supermarket control, we aim to foment a revolution starting in your gardens and kitchens.